Preparing to Sell Your Business: An Introduction

Prepared by Mark Ostryn, This White Paper answers frequently asked questions regarding what is involved in preparing a business for sale, including: how can I make my business more valuable? How close to the sale process do I have to start preparing for sale? And, Is buying a business a feasible strategy when you are planning to sell?

Business Turnaround: An Introduction

Prepared by Andrew Whittingham, This White Paper provides an introductory overview of the key considerations involved in business turnarounds. The White Paper defines business turnarounds, analyses the difference between a turnaround and a restructure, examines the stages of a turnaround, considers key success factors for turnarounds and looks at symptoms of business distress.

Business Valuations for Restructures

As presented by Stephen Groves as part of a professional development seminar for accountants, this presentation looks at the primary process and compliance issues associated with business valuations for restructures.