Why Do Buyers Buy?

It’s long been part of the vocabulary of M&A specialists and business brokers advising their selling clients, that the best way to maximise the sale…

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Business Valuations for Restructures

As presented by Stephen Groves as part of a professional development seminar for accountants, this presentation looks at the primary process and compliance issues associated with business valuations for restructures.

Introduction to Valuing Intangible Assets

As presented by Stephen Groves, these slides are designed to provide an introduction to valuing intangible assets, including defining what intangible assets are, discussing goodwill, outlining circumstances where an intangible asset may be required and outlining often applied methods to the valuation of intangible assets.

Valuing Intangible Assets: An Introduction

Prepared by Stephen Groves, This White Paper provides an introductory overview of the key considerations involved in valuing intangible assets. The White Paper defines intangible assets, discusses the nature of goodwill, looks at reasons why intangible assets may need to be valued and considers common intangible asset valuation methods.