Expert Evidence For Dispute Over A Deceased Estate


Our client was the executor of an estate. The estate owned a number of commercial properties and interests in multiple businesses. A beneficiary of the estate had challenged the distribution of assets of the estate by disputing the value of equity held by the estate in various private companies.

How We Helped

We prepared an expert report which provided our opinion of the value of the equity interest of the estate in various private companies, inclusive of the business interests held by those companies. Our expert opinion was explained logically and in a defensible manner, relying on historical market transaction data as well as accepted valuation methods in order to provide a reliable opinion of value.

Our report also responded to and critiqued a report that had been prepared by an expert retained by the plaintiff beneficiary, pointing out a number of errors which in our opinion had a material impact on the reliability of the plaintiff’s expert’s report.

Following the preparation of our report, we engaged with our instructing lawyers multiple times to explain our approach and answer their queries.

Thereafter we attended court in order to answer questions under cross-examination.

As a result of our valuation report and expert evidence, the plaintiff’s case was dismissed thus allowing the distribution of the estate’s assets to proceed as planned.

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