Business Transaction Advisory Services

Consulting advice to assist with business sales & acquisitions

We act as consultants for business sale and acquisition transaction matters, either in a project management capacity or on an ad-hoc basis.

We typically provide business transaction advisory services for clients who require specific assistance with a component or components of a transaction, and when our advice is most economically beneficial in a consulting capacity, instead of as brokers acting on a success fee basis.

Clients often engage us to provide business transaction advisory services to assist with the potential sale of their business in circumstances where, for example, they may have been approached by a competitor who shows interest in acquiring their business, or where they may be considering selling an interest in their business to an employee. In each example, the buyer is defined at the outset. Hence, we typically provide ad-hoc advice for such matters in those areas necessary for our client to engage in negotiations for a potential sale. This includes valuation guidance, negotiations, preparing term sheets, providing guidance on the appropriate documents to provide as part of due diligence, and other relevant matters as needed.

Furthermore, clients considering acquiring a business or interest therein will commonly engage us to provide business deal advisory services to assist them with scoping and targeting potential acquisition opportunities, or providing specific assistance to negotiate the acquisition of a specific business. In such circumstances, our flexible ability to provide ad-hoc consulting services or to project manage acquisitions means our business transaction advisory services provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for our clients.

Our business transaction advisory services help clients to:

  • Receive specialist advice on specific components of a business sale or acquisition transaction in circumstances where a full-service brokerage engagement is not suitable nor economical.
  • Outsource those components of a business sale or acquisition transaction which clients wish to receive professional advice on, whilst managing some components of the transaction themselves or with the assistance of other advisors.
  • Have no ongoing commitment to us beyond an agreed scope of work that we perform.

Groves & Partners has significant experience and expertise in working with business owners and their professional advisors to provide business transaction services, acting for both business sellers and acquirers for entire transaction matters and components thereof.

Our experienced team consists of Chartered Accountants, Registered Business Valuers and Registered Business Brokers. Most of our team have extensive experience at Big 4 accounting firms in disciplines such as auditing, taxation and restructuring. This experience means our transaction advisory services are backed by practical experience and strong technical rigour.

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Our Business Transaction Advisory Process

We act in a manner that suits your specific needs. In doing so, we commonly provide transactional advisory services in an ad-hoc manner, touching only on those areas that our clients wish to receive advice on.

The nature of services we can provide as part of our provision of business transaction advisory are outlined below:

1. Initial no-cost review

We typically commence by meeting with you to understand the nature of your circumstances, and the nature of any transaction that is underway. In doing so, we will often review documents such as financial statements and correspondence between the buyer and seller. This review allows us to provide you with our preliminary views on the strategy that should be adopted for the transaction, and to discuss with you the scope of work that we can undertake.

2. Confirm scope of engagement and advise professional fees

Following the conduct of our initial review, we will advise you of our professional fees to undertake the component(s) of work we can assist with, and the scope of our engagement.

3. Information request

We will request further information as is necessary for us to provide you with the advice that you require.

4. Information review

We review the information provided in response to our information request, and ask further queries as necessary to enable us to provide you with advice on required matters.

5. Conduct targeting exercises, identify suitable acquisition targets, and confidentially approach acquisition targets

If required, with particular relevance to acquisition advisory clients, we can provide guidance on suitable potential targets for an acquisition. In doing so, we typically scope out suitable companies which represent a strategic fit for you. Thereafter, subject to your instructions, we can confidentially approach those targets on your behalf.

6. Drafting information memorandums

If required, we can prepare professional information memorandums and similar documents for use as part of a transaction.

7. Provide price and valuation advice

If required, we can provide you with advice on the appropriate price and value relevant to a subject transaction.

8. Prepare a non-binding term sheet and negotiate terms on your behalf

If required, we can draft a non-binding term sheet for use in negotiating a transaction. Oftentimes, clients instruct us to engage in negotiations with acquirers or sellers regarding these terms.

9. Managing due diligence and providing associated advice

If required, we can provide you with due diligence advice, and/or facilitate the conduct of due diligence.

10. Providing a sounding board

We are commonly engaged by clients purely as a sounding board for them as they navigate a transaction themselves. In such circumstances, we are available to meet with you as required to discuss queries and risks associated with the transaction.

11. Meetings and communication with you and your advisors

We typically conduct regular meetings with you and your other professional advisors to provide time-sensitive advice when acting on transaction advice matters.

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Here are the most commonly asked questions in relation to our Business Value Improvement services. Feel free to contact us to ask your own questions or for us to elaborate on our answers below.

How does business transaction advice differ from business brokerage services?

Whilst business brokerage engagements are a great fit for businesses and their owners to undertake an entire sale of a business project, transaction advisory services are better suited when advice is only required for some parts of a sale process or when the buyer is clearly defined at the outset. Furthermore, business brokerage engagements and the inclusion of success fees as part of such engagement structures typically does not suit the conduct of business acquisition engagements. It is imperative for advisors in such circumstances to be compelled to advise their clients when a deal does not make sense to complete, and success fees do not conflict with the provision of such advice.

What types of transactions do business transaction advisory services assist with?

In short, any and all business transactions which do not fit the business brokerage model. Whether you require assistance with the potential sale of a business, or are looking for consultancy on the sale of an interest in your business, our bespoke advisory services are suitable for a range of businesses seeking expert advice regarding anticipated sale transactions. We also assist with scoping, targeting and project managing potential acquisition opportunities.

How do you ensure confidentiality during a transaction?

Similar to our due diligence approach, maintaining confidentiality is critical during the transaction process to protect the sensitive information that is being shared between parties involved. Some ways that we ensure confidentiality as part of our business transaction advisory services include non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), secure data rooms, limited access to only those individuals who need to know, and encrypted and password-protected files.

How do you charge for business transaction advisory services?

In normal business brokerage arrangements, the broker will charge a commission or success fee on the successful completion of a sale or acquisition. Business transaction advisory services are not conducted on a commission basis. Depending on the nature of our work and the advice you need, we charge professional fees for transaction advisory services on a fixed fee, retainer or time-costed basis. We believe that this pricing structure is better aligned with the bespoke needs of our clients who do not fit into the traditional business brokerage services.

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