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We partner with businesses and their advisors to provide expert valuations, brilliant outcomes for mergers and acquisitions, and specialist expert advisory services.

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Reputable Business Advisory Firm Backed By Decades Of Experience

Groves & Partners is a team of experienced advisory specialists who partner with businesses to deliver professional advice pertaining to Valuations & Transaction. These include, but are not limited to, orchestrating successful business sales and acquisitions, business brokerage, valuations, and specialist business advisory services. Our professional advice helps established Australian small and mid-market businesses (SMBs) to achieve their desired outcomes. Not only is our business advisory firm backed by years of industry experience, but we also offer six core values that separate us from other Australian business advisory services available on the market:

Specialist Advice

We’re not tax accountants or lawyers. We provide specialist advisory services to mid-market businesses.

Strong Communication

Our team frequently communicates with clients and referrers; making sure to always respond promptly, and provide regular feedback throughout our conduct of matters.

Prompt Services

We’ve accrued the skill to effectively produce work, which generates results in faster timelines.


We complement the skills, advice and relationships of our clients’ established professional advisors, and concertedly produce excellent outcomes.

Industry Expertise

Our team is comprised of Chartered Accountants, Certified Minority Interest Valuers, Registered Business Valuers and Licenced Business Brokers. We’ve also appeared in various state & federal courts as expert witnesses for business valuation and transaction matters.

Cost Effective

We never charge for initial consultations, simple advice, short phone calls or emails, and ensure our bills are always commercial and cost effective.

Success Stories

Hear from business leaders who've successfully navigated the transaction process with Groves & Partners expertise.


“They took the time to 'dumb' it down for me so I could understand. Very professional and knowledgeable - great job team!”

Brian Brown

CEO, Gutter Knight Australia


Comprehensive in approach as well as plain spoken. Better still, the results I have seen are better than anywhere else in this industry.

Christopher Brereton

Nat'l Manager, O'Maras


Stephen and his team delivered their expertise quickly and worked with us and our client in delivering a highly technical and sophisticated deliverable.”

Vincent Elias

Director, Infinity Financial

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This guide serves as a handy reference tool for assessing the state of the market for common business types, and gains insight into common valuation multiples and value drivers associated with such businesses.


Our Business Advisory Services

Deals & Transactions
Deals & Transactions

As business brokers and transaction advisors, we are trusted by clients to undertake business brokerage services, exit and succession planning, and due diligence assignments.

Valuations & Forensics
Valuations & Forensics

As expert valuers of businesses, companies, shares, intangible assets and intellectual property, we’re trusted and called upon for our expertise in litigation matters, disputes, to assist with taxation requirements, and for strategic planning needs.

Case Studies

The quality of our business advisory is reflected through the success we have helped our clients achieve. Here are just some of the examples of the work we’ve done with Australian businesses, and what we can do for you.

Turnaround & Restructuring of a Retail Business

12 January 2022

Background Our client, a retailer in Sydney had a major problem: they had been consistently finding themselves short on ...

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Strategic Acquisition of a Major Building Products Business

4 May 2021

Background Our client, a major Australian building products importer and wholesaler was a leader in its market segment ...

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Expert Evidence For Dispute Over A Deceased Estate

23 November 2020

Background Our client was the executor of an estate. The estate owned a number of commercial properties and interests ...

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Latest News

Stay up to date with the latest insights pertaining to our specialist advisory services.

Business Valuations For Restructures – What You Need to Know

30 January 2024

As your business grows, the business structure you use may no longer be appropriate and may need restructuring. A ...

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Steve Jobs on Advisors and Consultants: Not all are created equal

29 November 2023

Having started, built and exited my own company, with all the real scar tissue that comes with it, I have since made it ...

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The Impact Of Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortisation (EBITDA) In Business Valuations For Litigation Services

29 August 2023

When it comes to business valuations for litigation purposes, understanding the role of financial metrics is crucial. ...

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Introducing Your Next Business Finance Advisor

Groves & Partners is staffed by industry veterans who have refined their skills after accruing a wealth of experience in working in the business advisory industry. With each of our members boasting expertise in specialised valuations & transactions advice, we can effectively assist you with the distinct challenges facing your business. We invite you to meet the team to discover more about how we can help your business achieve its desired outcomes.

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