Importance Of Accurate Record Keeping For Business Valuation In Divorce

As part of divorce proceedings, keeping precise records is an important part of determining a business value. Having accurate financial records is crucial to a fair division of assets including businesses’, which is usually a complicated and contentious process. The following four points highlight the importance of accurate record keeping for business valuation in divorce.

Fair division of assets 

The accurate valuation of a business is crucial in ensuring a fair division of assets during divorce proceedings. The first step in valuing a business is to review its financial records. Incomplete or inaccurate records can result in an incorrect valuation and an unfair distribution of assets. By maintaining precise records, you can ensure that the business is valued accurately and fairly.

Detection of financial irregularities and fraud 

In divorce proceedings, accurate record-keeping can also be useful in identifying any financial irregularities or fraud that may impact the valuation of a business. Keeping accurate records can help you to identify instances where a business owner may have used company funds for personal purposes. An accurate financial record can minimise the chances of a potential legal issue occurring and ensure that the business is properly valued in divorce proceedings.

Clear understanding of business growth prospects

Accurate records provide a more accurate picture of the business’ growth prospects, which are crucial for determining its value. Having an accurate financial record, such as a balance sheet and income statement, will provide valuable insight into the company's current performance and its future growth prospects. In order to determine the value of the business, this information on future financial projections is useful as the company's growth prospects play an important part in its overall value as well as its ability to generate income.

Efficient valuation process 

Accurate record-keeping can also make the valuation process more efficient and cost-effective in divorce proceedings. Detailed and well-organised financial records simplify the valuation process, reducing the need for additional audits, investigations, or due diligence procedures. This saves time and money for both the business owner and their spouse, allowing for a quicker and more efficient settlement.


Maintaining accurate financial records is essential for the correct valuation of a business in divorce proceedings. By prioritising record-keeping, you can ensure a fair division of assets, detect financial irregularities and fraud, have a clear understanding of the business’ growth prospects, and streamline the valuation process. Assistance from an expert experienced in business valuation in divorce proceedings can help ensure that your records are in order to facilitate the process.  

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Written by Luke Choi