Forensic Accounting

Expert forensic advice for disputes, litigation and insurance

Expert forensic advice for disputes, litigation and insurance

At Groves & Partners, we offer a wide array of forensic accounting services. These services are designed to support you with expert advice and detailed reports for various needs, including shareholder disputes, family law issues, litigation support, and insurance claims.

Here's what we specialise in:

  • Consulting Expert Advice: Tailored guidance to navigate complex financial disputes.
  • Expert Reports: Comprehensive analyses to clarify financial disputes or concerns.
  • Expert Witness Services: Professional testimony in court to support your case.
  • Economic Loss Calculations: Detailed assessments of financial loss due to disputes or other events.

Our team consists of skilled Chartered Accountants and Forensic Accounting Specialists, dedicated to providing top-notch expert reports and advice. We have a proven track record, with our experts frequently appearing in courts across Australia as trusted witnesses.

We're committed to delivering the highest standard of forensic accounting advice. Our work is recognised for being not only reliable and insightful but also easy to understand. This commitment to clarity and practicality has earned us a strong reputation in the industry.

Our objective and independent forensic analyses help resolve unique disputes or claims efficiently. Groves & Partners is well-respected for our straightforward and actionable forensic accounting advice. Lawyers, barristers, and insurance brokers often recommend us to their clients, trusting in the quality and reliability of our services.

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Our Forensic Accounting Process

Every business, asset and claim is different and this is reflected through our forensic accounting services. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to forensic accounting, and that’s why our forensic accounting strategies are specifically tailored towards our clients.

Our typical process is outlined below:

No-Cost Review
1. Initial no-cost review

We commence by reviewing information regarding the business and/or dispute to the extent that this is available. This review allows us to make an early determination of the nature of investigations we will need to undertake, as well as to understand the technical approaches required in providing advice on the business or dispute.

2. Confirm scope of engagement and advise professional fees

Following the conduct of our initial review, we will advise you of our professional fees to undertake our forensic accounting services, and the scope of our engagement.

Data Request
3. Data and information request

We prepare a thorough information and data request schedule to ensure we can prepare our advice. This data request is typically tailored to lessen the stress and the pressure involved when our clients gather their data.

Initial data and information review
4. Initial data and information review

We review the data and information provided in response to our information and data request schedule. We then conduct technical analysis, and review any additional data or information required to complete our forensic accounting services.

Business valuation report preparation
5. Forensic expert advice preparation

We will provide you with a report presenting our expert opinion in relation to the business and/or dispute. We also provide comprehensive explanations to provide reasoning for our advice and calculations. 

Meetings with you and your advisors
6. Meetings with you and your advisors

We typically conduct regular meetings with you and your other professional advisors, such as your accountants and lawyers. This is to provide time-sensitive advice regarding the nature of the dispute and the proposed advice. We are committed to maintaining ongoing communication and engagement with our clients.

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