Due Diligence

Our highly intelligent and analytical team of advisors are relied upon for due diligence advice that ensures our clients avoid bad business deals and complete business sales and purchases that provide long term benefit.

We conduct independent due diligence reviews and prepare due diligence reports to assist boards and management with decision making.

Our approach to due diligence is commercial, efficient and no nonsense. We tell our clients whether they should complete an acquisition or not, how to complete the acquisition, what risks exist and what can be done to mitigate those risks.

We will work with your team of advisors to complement their skills and advice, ensuring you receive well-rounded and useful advice to assist you with your business purchase.

Whether you are looking to acquire an aged care facility, mining services company, security services business or any other type of business or company, our team has the understanding and analytical know-how to make sure what you believe you are buying is what you are actually buying and to ensure the transaction will work for you long after you’ve signed the cheque.