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At Groves & Partners, we provide effective succession planning services, which have helped many Brisbane-based business owners manage a seamless transition of leadership. Time and time again, our proven succession planning Brisbane services have empowered business owners to confidently plan for the future. By entrusting us with the task of orchestrating a smooth leadership transition, current owners and leaders can embark on their retirement and semi-retirement journeys with peace of mind. Our success stories are a testament to our commitment to delivering tangible results of our clients, ensuring business continuity and stability even in times of change.

Our proficiency in succession planning, coupled with our deep understanding of the unique business landscape in Brisbane, has positioned us as leaders in facilitating successful transitions. We recognise that succession planning is a critical phase that demands careful consideration and meticulous execution. Our succession planning Brisbane services extend beyond the theoretical, as we work closely with you to develop customised succession plans that align with your specific vision and goals.

Our succession planning process typically requires 1 to 5 years to execute. In this time, we address our focus towards reducing continuity risks, develop a structured transition plan, retain top employee talent, and look to enhance operational performance. This affords us the ability to assist you with maximising the value of your business, all while transitioning you away from day-to-day operations.

With Groves & Partners, your business’ legacy is in capable hands. Our unwavering dedication to succession, combined with our expertise in succession planning in Brisbane, makes us the partner of choice for businesses looking to secure their future and uphold their proud traditions.

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How Succession Planning Can Benefit Your Brisbane Business

Brisbane-based businesses who prepare a thoughtful succession plan commonly  experience a greater sense of security as they transition into retirement, while also increasing the likelihood of long-term success for the business.

Businesses with succession plans are more likely to:

  • Have a more positive future outlook
  • Retain high-performing staff
  • Have higher sales and profit growth during transition
  • Achieve the business owner’s retirement goals

Business owners in Brisbane often consider the implications that their retirement will have on their business, but simply lack the time or means to devise an effective succession planning strategy. In addition to a lack of expertise, this can have serious ramifications to the long-term outcome of the business.

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Why Groves & Partners?

Our experience with succession planning in Brisbane enables us to help businesses through a transition of leadership without exposing them to risks.

Here are some of the common challenges which arise during the process, and how we circumvent them:

Pragmatic Perspective

The chosen successor will play a pivotal role in the outcome of your business’ long-term performance once you step away from the position. Any internal decisions concerning the future successor are potentially marred by nepotism or favouritism. As a third-party, we can confidently assess the merit of each candidate with the absence of bias.

Talent Retention

The establishment of a succession planning Brisbane strategy will intrinsically bring forth some contention amongst existing employees. Valuable talent may consider leaving if they feel as though their career progression is limited by the proposal, and plenty of other Brisbane businesses will be more than eager to take them in.

We understand the importance of identifying your top talent, and alleviating their concerns regarding the transfer of power.

Our succession plans for Brisbane businesses prioritise top talent retention in order to avoid any major setbacks:

Enhanced Operational Performance

In addition to identifying a suitable candidate for your succession, we also help Brisbane businesses scale their performance during the transition period. This serves to mitigate the threat of your business losing value after your departure.

External Connections

We can effectively analyse the skill sets, which your current employees possess. This allows us to identify any talent gaps present in your business. From here, we may even consider attracting successors from outside the business if appropriate.

Succession Planning Strategy Backed By Experience & Expertise

Groves & Partners has significant experience and expertise in working with business owners in Brisbane and their professional advisors, offering specialised services in business valuations and transactions. Our team consists of Chartered Accountants, Registered Business Valuers and Registered Business Brokers with specialist skills. Through providing a succession planning Brisbane service, we have a broad range of experience in being able to analyse business operations and understand the factors that impact planning. We have a strong track record of assisting clients in the planning, structuring, valuation and negotiation of succession.

Process For Our Succession Planning Brisbane Service

We understand that each Brisbane business possesses distinct qualities, which necessitate their succession planning strategy to be specifically tailored to their idiosyncrasies. While our services take these factors into consideration, you may find our typical process outlined below:

1. Initial consultation & information gathering

During the initial work phase, the focus is on comprehending the business, its key assets for success, owners’ retirement goals, and succession timing. This begins with an introductory consultation and information collection from the owners.

2. Identify potential successors

The review involves assessing the existing operational setup, and creating an ideal long-term structure after retirement. Additionally, we evaluate internal skills to pinpoint gaps, and aid in recruiting external successors if necessary.

3. Valuation

We assess your current business, providing insights into its valuation and associated risks upon your retirement. This enables the development of contingency plans to effectively mitigate these potential risks.

4. Structuring the succession plan

We offer advice on ideal organisational structure, succession timing, retaining key employees, remuneration, financing, and share transfer methods. Additionally, we collaborate with your tax advisors to create a tax-efficient ownership transfer strategy.

5. Execution

We support you in creating and implementing essential documents, such as term sheets, employment and shareholder agreements, while also helping with financing arrangements and facilitating share transfers.




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