As expert valuers of businesses, companies, shares, intangible assets and intellectual property we’re trusted and called upon for our expertise in litigation matters, disputes, to assist with taxation requirements and for strategic planning needs.

We have appeared in court, including the Supreme Court and Family Court to provide expert evidence and we’re frequently instructed by legal counsel to prepare expert reports.

We’re known by our peers as being among the sharpest valuers in the industry. Because of this, we’re often briefed to prepare expert valuation reports for highly complex and unusual matters. Despite this, we’re equally able and happy undertaking valuations for more straight forward and uncontentious circumstances.

We accept instructions to value businesses, companies, private shareholdings, minority shareholdings, intangible assets and intellectual property. We’re often instructed as shadow experts and to prepare critiques of valuation reports prepared by other experts.

Our team is highly qualified and includes Chartered Accountants, Registered Business Valuers and Certified Minority Interest Valuers.