M&A Integrations

Our expert team of advisors are experienced in managing the transition period following completion of a business acquisition, assisting our clients in maximising the value of their acquisitions.

Buying a business is often a lengthy and drawn-out process. Once the transaction is finalised, there is more work to be done to integrate the new business into your existing business. It is critical to ensure a smooth transition of ownership to ensure the value or strategy executed through the acquisition comes to fruition.

A successful business integration is centred around main three objectives:

  1. Maximising the value of the business being acquired;
  2. Minimising business interruptions; and
  3. Managing the financial and operational risks of the acquired business.

We assist our clients in developing programs for integrating one business into another, encompassing the many moving parts of each business, including the transition of products/services, accounting and finance, HR, IT, procurement and supply chain functions.

Importantly, we work closely with your established management team and advisors to ensure our work complement’s your longer term goals.

We have experience in executing the successful integration of businesses from most industries and business types, and our team is well versed in acting for clients on the integration of both domestic and off-shore businesses.