Industries & Successes

Successful strategic development for a group of education businesses

Our client, the owner of a group of tutoring colleges sought to increase the value of the business by a factor of five.

Our review of the business showed there were three significant ways to accelerate value – through closer targeting specific prospects, elevating the intellectual property and making the operations franchise-friendly.

We reviewed best practices and trends in education technology to develop a franchising strategy, build key staff loyalty, improve the sales funnel, and automate the student management process.

Systematised and restructured a family food growing business

We reviewed the operations of an innovative, family-owned food company that was in the process acquiring another hydroponic food business as well as seeking supermarket distribution, launching a range of indigenous foods, and improving their cash flow.  We undertook a market study and advised on a robust, low risk strategy that enabled the business to gain market share and profitability through Covid-19

Facilitated accelerated growth by acquisition in personal injury management

We helped steer a personal injury management company through a process of acquisitions that enabled them to create the scale necessary to provide essential service right across the range of health services yet maintain their friendly feel that helped employees feel valued & enjoy working for the client.

The company’s profitability has now accelerated and payback on the acquisition was realised within an extremely short time.

Created massive owner value through lead up and sale to a publicly listed retail Mediclinic

Our client, a bespoke premium skin health and wellness retail brand, sought to exit via a trade sale to a corporate acquirer.

We worked together to determine internal efficiency best practices, implemented international trends in anti-ageing treatment and overhauled loyalty programs in order to maximise client return rates.

Consequently, revenues significantly increased, the brand gained significant exposure and strategic acquirers competed with each other to successfully acquire the business.

Reoriented online shopping technology into an entire product eco-system

Prior to our involvement, our client has developed some highly innovative online shopping technology, but was a product group seeking a market.

We facilitated several brainstorming sessions with the management team and undertook competitive analysis that considered the likely future demands of global eShopping participants.   This gave the development team a clear set of goals that resulted in an eventual multi-million-dollar acquisition.