Business & Company Valuations

We are very experienced in valuing businesses and companies and act on a significant number of such matters every year.

Our business and company valuation expertise is founded in technical rigour, but backed up by our significant practical experience. Our office includes experienced Chartered Accountants and Registered Business Valuers. Further, we have a strong and extensive track record of preparing expert business and company valuation reports for litigation and financial reporting requirements together with other areas.

We have appeared in Courts within Australia as expert witnesses for the valuation of businesses and companies. In addition, we hold high standing in the business and company valuation industry, with Director Stephen Groves a current member of the Registered Business Valuers Education and Standards Committee in Australia and a lecturer at the Registered Business Valuer course.

We pride ourselves on preparing business and company valuations that are reliable, useful, and easy to understand. Further, we can often produce our business and company valuations with short notice.

As a testament to the quality and reliability of our valuation advice, most parties who instruct us to undertake business and company valuation work become recurring clients of our firm.

We prepare business and company valuation advice for most circumstances, including litigation requirements, taxation and financial reporting requirements (including restructures), and for internal management decision making needs.